Consular Services & Fees Consular Services & Fees

Consular Services & Fees

PIO Scheme is no longer in existence as it has been withdrawn vide Gazette Notification No.25024/9/2014-F.I dated 09.01.2015.                 
  • The time required to process various applications depends upon the type of service sought, nationality and place of stay of the applicant;
  • The indicative processing times for Passport and Passport related services,Consular related services including OCI applications, in terms of number of working days, are listed in Passport fees and Consular fees. It should be noted that the processing times shown are indicative, not binding.¬† Sometimes, due to unavoidable/unforeseen circumstances, it may not be possible to provide the services within the indicated timeframe;
  • Processing time is reckoned from the date on which all prescribed documents and the prescribed fee are received in the Embassy provided these are received in the forenoon. If the documents and fee are received in the afternoon, the processing time is reckoned from the forenoon of the next working day.

  • In respect of services for which indicative processing time is more than 30 working days, the Embassy would inform the applicant in case the processing finishes before due date.

  • Applicants should avoid calling the Embassy to check the status of their applications before the due date.