Journalist Visa Journalist Visa

Journalist Visa

Requirements for Filming Documentaries in India

  1. For filming of documentaries in India, Journalist visa needs to be applied for
  2. Foreign film makers/producers desirous of filming documentaries in India are required to apply for permission to the First Secretary (IEC), Embassy of India, Tokyo (email: and copy to submitting all necessary documents(see below) . Documents scrutiny takes about a month in general and up to 6 months if filming is proposed in a restricted area. Therefore application should be made allowing sufficient time for processing.
  3. Once the application has been approved, Journalist visa should be applied for at the Consular Section.
  4. After filming of documentary is complete, the video clip along with English script should be submitted to the IEC Wing, Embassy of India, Tokyo at least 2 weeks before it is proposed to be aired, for pre-view and approval.

Necessary Documents

While applying for permission for filming of documentaries in India, please submit original set of the following duly-filled documents along with 2 sets of copies:

  1. Letter addressed to the Embassy of India, Tokyo describing the objective and content of the filming on letter head.
  2. Following three documents using the prescribed form available with the Consular Wing of the Embassy of India, Tokyo;
    1. Application Form for Filming Documentaries in India
    2. Undertaking
    3. Application for License of Filming Operation at Protected Monuments (prescribed form) in case protected monuments will be covered.
  3. Request for Special Permit for Protected Area (in the prescribed form) if filming is undertaken in protected/restricted area. The form at RAP/PAP has to be filled individually by each member of the shooting crew.
  4. Company profile (on company's letter head)
  5. Commission letter from (In case, the production company is commissioned by a planning company)
  6. Synopsis/Script of the documentary
  7. Bio-data of crew members giving
    1. Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Nationality
    4. Occupation
    5. Organization
    6. Passport Details including
      1. Number
      2. Issued place
      3. Issued date
      4. Validity (up to date)
  8. Filming itinerary and location
  9. Equipment List with value of equipment

(Note: In case any changes in itinerary or equipment occur, letter of explanation and 2 copies of revised documents should be submitted).