Ambassador`s Speeches and Interviews Ambassador’s Speech for Virtual Business Networking Meet/BSM on Coffees of India.

Ambassador’s Speech for Virtual Business Networking Meet/BSM on Coffees of India.

Distinguished Guests,

It gives me immense pleasure to deliver the opening remarks at today’s Virtual Networking on Buyer Seller Meet on Coffees of India.

India is the only country in the world where the entire coffee cultivation is grown under shade, hand-picked and sun dried. India produces some of the best coffee in the world, grown by tribal farmers in the Western and Eastern Ghats,which are the two major bio-diversity hotspots in the world. Due to unique geography & harvesting practices, Indian coffee beans mature more slowly, becomes more denser and thus acquires intense color and complex flavour. India produces both Arabica and Robusta varieties.

Coffee contributes significantly to sustain the unique bio- diversity of the region and is also responsible for the socio-economic development in the remote, hilly areas. In India, coffee is cultivated in about 450,000 hectares by 360,000 coffee farmers of which 98% are small farmers & generate direct & indirect employment opportunities for 2 million people. This fulfils SDG obligations as well. So, every bean that is sold by them goes to educate a girl-child, provide better nutrition and healthcare to their families.

After following World Intellectual Property Organsiation (WIPO) guidelines, Six varieties (01 in 2007 & 05 in 2019) of Indian coffee have been awarded Geographical Indication, which allows the coffee producers of India to invest in maintaining the specific qualities of the coffee grown in that particular region.

Coffee Culture in India

India is usually identified as a Tea (chai) drinking country, but this is being slowly taken over by coffee as the choice of beverage.

In India, coffee consumption is greater in south India but due to expansion of various Chains of coffee outlets, and fast-growing middle class, especially of youth, coffee drinking is gaining popularity all over India mainly in urban centres.


Potential of Indian Coffee

Indian coffee is highly valued in the world market and sold as premium coffee in Europe. Today, as per statistics available, India stands 3rd largest producer and exporter of coffee in Asia, and the 6th largest producer and 5th largest exporter of coffee in the world. In 2019-20, India accounted for 3.14 % of the global coffee production. Of the total coffee produced in India, 70% is exported and 30% is consumed domestically. The coffee export from India stood at US$ 734.04 million during 2019-20. Indian coffee growers export Arabica, Robusta, Instant & Roasted to their choice of domestic and international buyers directly or through auctions.

Today Indian coffee story is supported by intensive use of technology like data analytics, block-chain, geo-tagging, promotion of organic & sustainable cultivation,etc.

Here I would like to mention that the demand for Indian Coffee in Japanese market is ever increasing with growing Indo-Japan bilateral relations. Japanese technologies in Food & Agro production and processing are much appreciated in India and can be used to help growers, processors and other stakeholders to produce the desired quality & quantity for Japanese coffee drinking space. I invite Japanese companies to setup roasting units in India to make Japanese coffee lovers to enjoy the freshness of Indian Coffee beans. In this regard, I wish to mention that as per GoI’s current policy, 100% Foreign Direct Investment is allowed, under the automatic route, in coffee plantations as well as food processing sector. Similarly, 100% FDI, under Government approval route, is allowed in retail trading, including e-commerce, in respect of food products manufactured and produced in India.

In the end I wish to thank Mr. Masahiro Kano, Chairman, of the Speciality Coffee Association of Japan, Ms. Hiroko Ogawa, President, of Brook’s Co. Ltd. and other Japanese participants for their active participation and support for the event. I wish the officials of the Coffee Board of India and all the participating companies great success in their endeavor to expand India’s footprint in the Japanese so as to establish a lasting relationship with Japanese companies.

Thank you,

Arigatou Gozaimasu.

Thanking you. Arigatoru Gozaimasu!!

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