Announcements [EoI] VCC Student Registration fro Jan-Jun 2018 Semester

[EoI] VCC Student Registration fro Jan-Jun 2018 Semester

Press Release

[EoI] VCC Student Registration fro Jan-Jun 2018 Semester

Dear Friends of the Embassy,

We are happy to announce that the Embassy of India will be taking registrations for students who wish to enroll in classes at the Vivekananda Cultural Centre (VCC) for the coming January - June 2018 Semester.

The Embassy of India offers comprehensive courses on Yoga, Tabla, Bharatantyam, Bollywood Dance (Contemporary Indian Dance), Odissi, Sambalpuri, Hindi Language (including Advanced Hindi Class) and Bengali Language.

If you would like to enroll in a class at VCC, please follow the 3 easy steps below.


[Step 1] Print/Read the Registration Documents
-       Please print out the student registration documents attached to this email. Information on classes, schedules and fees are also included.

[Step 2] Complete the Registration Documents & Attach Photo
-       Please fill in the Class Registration Form and attach a photo. Carefully read then sign the Rules and Code of Conduct.

[Step 3] Registration Procedure at Embassy of India
-       Please register for classes by submitting the completed registration documents in person at the 3F VCC Library of the Embassy of India during the below registration period.

[Registration Period]
New Students: 4th December (Mon.) – 15th December June (Fri.) Continuing Students: 11th December (Mon.) to 15th December (Fri.) Registration Accepted: Mondays to Fridays 10:00-12:00/14:00-17:00

We hope to see you at VCC next semester.

VCC Office
Embassy of India

* Class fees to be paid upon registration. For more details about individual fees for classes, see attached document
* JPY 5,000 registration fee applicable for first time students and returning students with a gap of one semester or more
* First time students and returning students with a gap of one semester or more should bring photo ID for registration
* Number of students per class is limited
* Registration only accepted in person at the Embassy
* Registration is on first-come-first-served basis due to limited availability. The Embassy makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding class vacancies.
* Please be advised that crowding is expected on 29th May, 6th June and 12th June in particular. Waiting times may exceed 1 hour on certain days.
* During registration, all students are expected to queue in an orderly manner and follow instructions of staff. Embassy may refuse registration to individuals who are unable to comply.
* In case that the applicant cannot come to the Embassy during the above registration period, a representative may submit the required documents and up to 1 proxy application. Representative should bring their own ID document. Special consideration may be provided for accepting multiple proxy applications by immediate family members/legal guardians/teachers at the sole discretion of the Embassy. In this case, advance consultation with the Embassy is required. Without exception, no multiple applications via proxy will be accepted without prior confirmation by the Embassy.

[EoI] VCC Student Registration fro Jan-Jun 2018 Semester Form PDF