Advisory for Indian Nationals in Japan COVID 19                 Revised Travel & Visa Advisory for prevention & mgt of COVID19 as on 24th March 2020                 Updated procedure for Visas to India due to COVID19 wef 13 March 2020 1200 GMT (2100 JST)                 FAQ ON NEW VISA RESTRICTIONS - COVID19                 在日インド大使館における領事サービス(パスポート業務を含む)の来館受付 一時休止のお知らせ                 在日インド大使館におけるビザ申請サービスの来館受付一時休止のお知らせ                 Advisory on e-Visa                  India - the most open economy in the world for FDI                
ADVISORY ON FRAUD CALLS インドの電子ビザを提供している偽のウェブサイトに注意

Helpline number (24/7) for Covid-19: +81 80 3301 5242 (This number is only for Indian nationals in distress. This number is not for routine passport, visa or consular queries)


“Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye Je” bhajan by Japanese Friends

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サンジェイ クマール ヴァルマ

Ambassador of India to Japan
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