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Defence and security relations between India and Japan have evolved steadily over the years and now constitute a strong pillar of the India-Japan strategic partnership. There has been an increasing frequency of defence exchanges along the entire spectrum to include Annual reciprocal visits between the Defence Ministers; 2 Plus 2 & Defence Policy Dialogue at the level of Defence Secretary and Vice Minister; Comprehensive Security Dialogue and Military to Military talks, Service to Service level Staff Talks; Subscription to Training courses by Service Officers and Cadet Exchanges in addition to participation in multi-lateral Seminars/ Forums.

Joint Exercises

Exercise MALABAR: Initiated in 1992, as a bilateral exercise between the Indian Navy and US Navies, the scope, complexity of operations and level of participation has increased steadily in successive editions over the years.

The 18th edition of the Exercise MALABAR was held in the Western Pacific in Jul 2014 in which Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) was invited to participate.

MALABAR -15, the 19th edition of the exercise was conducted in the Bay of Bengal from 14-19 Oct 15. Alongwith Indian Navy and the US Navy, JMSDF also participated in the Exercise.