Japan's 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan Japan's 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan

Japan's 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan

Japan adopted the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, prepared by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) which is chaired by their Prime Minister on 1st April 2016. The main objectives are based on the four pillars namely:-

i) Acting to create new value for the development of future industry and social transformation.

  1. Fostering R&D and human resources that boldly challenge the future
  2. Realizing a world-leading “super smart society” (Society 5.0)
  3. Enhancing competitiveness and consolidating fundamental technologies in a “super smart society”

 ii) Addressing economic and social challenges

  1. Sustainable growth and self-sustaining regional development
  2. Ensure safety and security for our nation and its citizens and a high-quality, prosperous way of life
  3. Addressing global challenges and contributing to global development
  4. Pioneering strategically important frontiers

  iii) Reinforcing the “fundamentals” for STI (science, technology, and innovation)

  1. Developing high-quality human resources
  2. Promoting Excellence in knowledge creation
  3. Reforming funding system

iv) Building a systemic virtuous cycle of human resource, knowledge, and funding for innovation

  1. Enhancing mechanisms for promoting open innovation
  2. Incubating small and medium-sized startup companies to tackle new business opportunities
  3. Strategic use of international intellectual property and standardization
  4. Reviewing and improving regulatory environment for innovation
  5. Developing innovation systems that contribute to “regional revitalization”
  6. Cultivating opportunities for generating innovation in anticipation of global needs

 The plan would also focus on the following issues while promoting the above initiatives:-

 i) Deepening the relationship between STI

  1. Promoting co-creative STI
  2. Ensuring fairness in research

 ii) Strengthening stakeholder ability to advance science, technology, and innovation

  1. Reforming universities and enhancing their function
  2. Reforming and enhancing the function of national R&D Institutions
  3. Strategic international implementation of STI policy
  4. Pursuing effective STI policy and enhancing the “control tower” function
  5. Ensuring R&D investment for the future