Learning series: Web-sessions Learning series: Web-sessions

Learning series: Web-sessions

'Web-session on "Enabling Technologies for Rail Transport" on 6th August 2021, 3 to 5 pm JST.

For receiving the MS Teams Link, please contact on ra.tokyo@mea.gov.in'

Learning series on Railways

With an objective to create a common platform that allows experienced Railway (conventional & HSR) practitioners and industry experts to share latest developments, which can help the policy planners and transport managers to build on these learning, a series of interactive sessions has been initiated with the support of all associated stakeholders. The seminar/web-session aims to bring high-quality information and insights about select areas of India-Japan Railway Cooperation and also lead to sharing of the key developments in the fields of railway design, freight logistics, operation & maintenance, innovative technology, research etc. Learnings from these sessions would be the trigger for developing more focused technological connect and jointly working on the research projects. Some of the topics for learning series are:

  • Reinforced Railroad with Rigid Facing Method (held in 2020)
  • Design of Fuel Cell Vehicle (held in 2020)
  • On-board Contactless OCL Geometry Measurement and Hybrid Sensing Method (held in 2020)
  • Development of Shinkansen Simple Catenary System for Operation over 300 km/h (held in 2020)
  • Introduction of Railway Research in Japanese Universities (held in 2020)
  • Transforming Railways with digital technologies (AI, IoT, Big Data, predictive maintenance, asset management etc.). Part-1 of the session was organized in  on following topics (2021):
  • High speed and conventional track maintenance transformation through monitoring
  • Prognostic Health Management and Pricing/Revenue Management
  • IoT for preventive maintenance and Cybersecurity in rail industry
  • Machine vision, AI and predictive asset performance management
  • Development of Cold Chain Logistics on Railways with last mile connectivity (2021)
  • Planning, construction, operation & maintenance of HSR (2021)
  • Technological innovations in design & maintenance of Railway assets viz. Track, Tunnels, Bridges, Rolling Stock, Electrical, Signaling and Telecom (2021)
  • Transit Oriented Development of Railway stations (2021)
  • Freight Management and special design containers for Railways (2021)
  • New mobility solutions viz. Automated Guided Transit, Automated People Mover, Light Rail Transit (2021)