Yoga Yoga


Yoga Schedule


A Class (Advanced/Physical) Wed.?Fri. 09:00-10:00?2 Classes/Week

B Class (Advanced/Physical) Tue. & Thu. 11:00-12:00?2 Classes/Week

C Class (Regular/Physical) Wed. 17:00-18:00?1 Class/Week

D Class (Advanced/Physical) Mon. & Thu. 18:30-19:30 ?2 Classes/Week

E Class (Regular/Physical) Tue. 18:30-19:30?1 Class/Week

F Class (Regular/Online) Wed. 18:30-19:30?1 Class/Week

G Class (Regular/Physical) Tue. & Thu. 09:00-10:00?2 Classes/Week

H Class (Regular/Physical) Wed. & Fri. 11:00-12:00?2 Classes/Week

I Class (Advanced/Physical) Tue. & Thu. 17:00-18:00?2 Classes/Week

J Class (Regular/Physical) Fri. 17:00-18:00?1 Class/Week

K Class (Regular/Physical) Sat. 06:30-07:30?1 Class/Week

L Class (Regular/Physical) Sat. 07:45-08:45?1 Class/Week

M Class (Advanced/Online) Thu. ?15:30-16:30?1 Class/Week

N Class (Regular/Physical) Wed. & Fri.?15:30-16:30?2 Classes/Week

O Class (Regular/Physical) Fri. 18:30-19:30?1 Class/Week

* Please select one of the above classes (A Class to O Class). As a general rule, you cannot register for multiple different classes in the same semester.

* As a general rule, classes are taught in English.

* Classes marked as Advanced are for those students who have completed a regular class at VCC for at least one semester, regardless of previous experience outside VCC.

* Instructor and class schedule subject to change.

Course Fees Etc.

1 Class/Week: JPY 15,000/Semester 2 Classes/Week: JPY18,000/Semester Maximum number of students in physical (offline) class:15

Maximum number of students in online class: 100


  1. Students can choose up to one batch per semester. After registration, class schedule is fixed according to each batch.
  2. Students may not change classes during the semester. However, they may register with another class in the next semester.
  3. As a general rule, taking lessons from a different batch in the same semester is not allowed.
  4. Classes marked as (Advanced) refer to Advanced Classes. Students become eligible for taking Advanced Classes after completing at least one semester of regular Yoga classes at VCC, regardless of previous experience.


Yoga is a holistic approach for attaining peace and happiness for your mind, body and spirit. At VCC, we offer yoga classes for beginners to advanced students. Come and enjoy learning yogic poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, yoga theory and much more for a healthier, more fulfilled life.


Origin - Raja yoga - Hatha yoga - Ashtanga yoga; moral disciplines, self- restraints, body postures, breathing techniques, sensory control, concentration, meditation, ecstatic state and Shavasana

Introduction - Progressive relaxation - Legs; ankle, knee, hip rotations and butterfly
Hands; wrist, elbow, shoulder rotations and cow pose
Neck; pull, push, lock, release and neck rotation - Lion posture and Hasya yoga

Introduction, Prayer pose, Hands raising pose, Leg arms pose, Equestrian pose, Mountain pose, Salutation pose & explanation, Cobra pose and Conclusion

Introduction, Diamond pose, Hands raising diamond pose, Moon pose, Mouse pose, Tiger pose, Cat pose and Conclusion

Introduction, Natural breathing, abdominal breathing, Chest breathing, Shoulder breathing, Yogic breathing, Sun & Moon breathing techniques

Gestures, 7 Psycho-energetic centers, Music for meditation and healing

VCC Yoga Room -4F

Maximum Students 
Maximum 15 students per batch for physical (offline) classes
Maximum 100 students for online classes

Age Limit 
Students should be 13 or older

Yoga teacher 
Dr. Reeta Sharma