Ambassador`s Speeches and Interviews Ambassador Opening Remarks for Prakram Diwas on January 23, 2021

Ambassador Opening Remarks for Prakram Diwas on January 23, 2021

23rd January 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you all for congregating with us on the occasion of the Parakram Diwas, to mark the beginning of a year-long celebrations to commemorate the 125th birth anniversary year of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

2. India and Japan enjoy deep historical ties and civilisational linkages. Several Indian luminaries have played an important role in cementing our bilateral relationship, that has evolved into a unique Special Strategic and Global Partnership. Swami Vivekananda, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Justice Radha Binod Pal, Rash Behari Bose and Netaji Subhash Chandra bose are a few who have brought our two countries together and thus hold a special position in the memories of our two peoples,

3. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is a beloved leader of the Indian freedom struggle. His bravery and patriotism made him a national hero and icon of nationalism. His life is marked by his spirit to sacrifice anything and everything for his country. Beginning from his career in Civil services, to many adversities he faced due to colonial rule in India, he showed an indomitable spirit and a ready willingness to find new ways to serve his motherland. He is a shining example for today’s youth to not give up trying when facing adversity but to keep persevering towards the target.

4. The towering charisma of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as a leader, brought him to the fore-front of Indian independence movement. His life was devoted to the independence of India. Being a great orator, prolific writer and an epitome of simple living and great thinking, he was known as a man who always practiced what he preached. Netaji’s patriotic attitude, academic excellence and authorship was highly appreciated then and still remains an inspiration for many across India and East Asia. Gandhiji referred to Netaji as a Patriot among Patriots. Therefore fittingly from this year, Government of India has decided to mark his birth anniversary as “ Parakram Diwas”.

5. Netaji had a deep association with Japan. A lasting legacy of Netaji’s life is his leadership of the Azad Hind Fauz (Indian National Army), that was founded in Japan. The route to freedom that Netaji chose was one that required courage and with the odds stacked against him, one that required fortitude and bravery.

6. This year being the 125th anniversary of Netaji Government of India has decided to mark it with an year-long celebration spanning a range of activities and events. Our Prime Minister will preside over an inaugural event at the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. An International Conference ‘Re-visiting the legacy of Netaji Subhash in 21st century’ is being organized at National Library, Kolkata. The year will see a series of commemoration activities in Delhi, Kolkata and other places associated with Netaji and Azad Hind Fauj, both in India as well as overseas. These include sports tournaments, Marathons, Pada Yatras and Cycle Yatras and webinars on the life and legacy of Netaji. In addition, Ministry of Education proposed to establish chairs on Netaji in Indian Universities, organize online Lectures and Webinars on teachings of Netaji. National Film Development Corporation under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting will organize a short-film competition on ‘How to fulfil Netaji’s dreams for India’. Doordarshan and All India Radio will host panel discussions, produce documentaries and other programs on the life and times of Netaji.

7. I encourage one and all to take part in these events and also encourage young children to participate in these events, so that they may better understand the history of India and its leaders. The lessons from the lives of these leaders are particularly important cultural heritage we must preserve and pass to the future generations.

8. Today, as a tribute to Netaji on start of his 125th Anniversary, we have arranged to immerse in his life and his contribution to India and its people, through a documentary, a speech and events by children sharing his thoughts with us. On this note, I thank you all for joining us in marking the Parakram Diwas and hope to meet all of you again during the celebration of Republic Day in the next week.

Jai Hind.