Announcements External Affairs Minister's remarks during launch of India’s Priorities for its candidature for the UN Security Council 2021-22

External Affairs Minister's remarks during launch of India’s Priorities for its candidature for the UN Security Council 2021-22

June 05, 2020

Thank You. 

As you all know, India is a candidate for a non-permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council for a two year term beginning in January 2021. 

This election will take place at the United Nations on June 17 and India is the single endorsed candidate from its regional group. 

Ten years since we were last elected in the UN Security Council, we are facing four very different challenges to international peace and security: 

● The normal process of international governance has been under increasing strain as frictions have increased.

● Traditional and non-traditional security challenges continue to grow unchecked. Terrorism is the most egregious of such examples. 

● Global institutions remain unreformed and under-representative. They are therefore less able to deliver.

● The COVID-19 pandemic and its grave economic repercussions will test the world like never before. 

In this extraordinary situation, India can play a positive global role. We have always been a voice of reason and a votary of international law. We advocate dialogue, consultation and fairness in our approach to global issues. And we emphasize global development, addressing climate change and eradicating of poverty as central to planet’s future.

Today, I am releasing a brief document that sets out our approach to our candidature.

It reflects, in Prime Minister’s words, our Five "S” approach to the world:

● Samman (Respect),
● Samvad (Dialogue),
● Sahyog (Cooperation), and
● Shanti (Peace); to create conditions for universal.
● Samriddhi (Prosperity).

Through this approach, we seek to move toward a ‘New Orientation for a Reformed Multilateral System’, - also known as NORMS. 

The brochure captures the priorities we set for ourselves:

● Seeking responsible and inclusive solutions;

● Concrete and result-oriented action at the Security Council for an effective response to international terrorism;

● Reformed Multilateralism to reflect contemporary realities;

● A comprehensive approach to peace and security, guided by dialogue, mutual respect, commitment to international law, for which we also hope to help streamline UN Peacekeeping; and

● Technology with a human touch.

Let me conclude by emphasizing as a rule-abiding democracy and a positive contributor to the security of global commons, India will:

● Work constructively with partners to overcome old and new fault lines, and offer innovative and inclusive solutions;

● Help developing countries obtain the necessary support to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic;

● Help focus more on development;

● Support greater involvement of women and youth in shaping a new paradigm; and finally,

● Enhance transparency, credibility, representation and finally effectiveness of the Council, thereby promoting its institutional reform.

Thank you, very much.