Additional Charges on Visa and Passport Fees
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In addition to consular and visa fees chargeable and listed in Consular fees or Visa Fees as the case may be, there may be additional charges such as postal, telex and special charges, as applicable. The fees are to be paid in cash in Japanese Yen.

Postal Charges (applicable for Passport services)

  • Applicants sending their applications by post need to add JPY1000 per application.
  • Those applying at the Embassy but seeking delivery by post should add JPY600.
  • Applicants seeking passport, consular and other services from the Republic of the Marshall Islands have to pay an amount of JPY 1,200 per application towards postal charges.
  • Postal charges are over and above the fee for the particular.
  • The cash may be sent by cash registered mail (GENKIN KAKITOME).
  • The Mode of Payment for applicants seeking passport, consular and other services from the Republic of the Marshall Islands is through ‘Bank Transfer’ in Japanese Yen only  and the amount has to be remitted to  the Embassy of India Account Number  424123301000004 at Bank of India, Tokyo Branch;  SWIFT  CODE – BKIDJPJT
  • The applicants should also send a good quality self-addressed (but without stamps) envelope which would be used by the Embassy for returning the documents after due processing.
  • Applicants seeking service through post should invariably indicate E-Mail ID etc. to facilitate contact with them in the event of there being some deficiency in the application, documents etc.
  • It may be noted that the applicants send / seek delivery by post at their own risk. The Embassy uses registered post for dispatch of processed applications but is not responsible for any loss of documents.

Telex Charges (applicable for Visa applications)

The telex charges collected from foreigners for processing their visa applications depend upon nationality and place of their present stay and is chargeable as per the following table:

Japanese living in cities under the jurisdiction on Embassy of India Tokyo


Non-Japanese foreigners living in Japan/Temporary visitors

JPY 3000

Special Charges

There is no Visa Application Fee on Tourist and Business Visa for US citizens as it is already included in normal visa fee. For all other types of visa, US citizens need to pay Visa Application Fee of JPY 2150 as applicable to countries without any bilateral visa fee arrangements.