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Name & Designation Fax / Email
Ms. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa
Fax : 3262-2301
Mr. Amit Kumar
Deputy Chief of Mission
Fax : 3262-1273
Mr. Arvind Singh
Minister (Economic)
Fax : 3261-0723
Ms. Amita Kumar
Minister (Media)
Fax : 3263-1966
Mr. Abbagani Ramu
Counsellor (Commercial and PIC) & Director, ICC
Fax : 3263-5285
Dr. Chadaram Sivaji
Counsellor (Science & Technology)
Fax : 3262-2689
Col. Satinder Singh, SM
Defence Attaché
Fax : 3262-9254
Ms. Sunita Narang
First Secretary (Commercial and PIC)
Fax : 3239-2449
Mr. Kripal Singh Bisht
First Secretary (Economic)
Fax : 3262-0560
Mr. Sanjog Kapoor
First Secretary (Trade)
Mr. Om Parkash
Second Secretary & Head of Chancery
Mrs. Lakshmi Swaminathan
Second Secretary (Pol)
Mr. Rajesh N. Naik
Third Secretary (Political)
Mr. Jitendra Rawat
Third Secretary (LT)
Mr.B. Subba Rao
Attaché (Consular)
Mr. Shivji Tiwari
Attaché (E&C)
Mr. Puneet Ghai
Attaché, Ambassador’s Office
Mr. Jeevan Dhiman
Attache, Counsellor (S&T) Office
Mr. Anandamay Baidya
Attaché (Political)
Mr. P.K. Vinod Kumar
Attaché,Minister (Economic)'s Office
Mr. Ghan Sham
Attaché (Admn)
Fax: 3262-7729
Mr. Hardarshan Singh
Attaché (Admn-II)
Fax: 03-3262-7729
Ms. Rajni Seth
Attaché, Minister (Media)’s Office

Address: Embassy of India, 2-2-11 Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074.
Working hours: 0900 hours to 1730 hours (Monday to Friday)
Telephone Numbers: +81 3 3262-2391 to 97 Fax Number: +81 3 3234-4866
Officer in-charge of website: 
Mr. Abbagani Ramu, Counsellor (Com & PIC)
Tel: +81 3 3262-2396, Email:

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